Unleash The Power Of Your Data With Predictive Models

Equity Decision Systems

At Equity Decision Systems our mission is to help organizations take advantage of their data and turn it into concrete, actionable, and accurate actions. We are experts in handling large and complex data sets, building statistical modeling systems, and integrating the solution into the organization.

Our staff of Ph.D. level statistical analysts have a broad range of experience working with more than 30 fortune 1000 companies in various industries and settings, including: fundraising, insurance, mortgage, financial services, customer service, marketing, retail, and pharmaceutical. We work with our customers closely to create end-to-end solutions which produce a positive return on investment.


Donor IQ ®

Automated predictive analytics software for direct mail fundraisers.

Donor IQ ® Datamart

Provides centralized storage for all of a fundraiser's mailings and donations along with a wealth of automated tools, reports, and analytics.


Predictive Modeling

Our end-to-end process takes you from data collection to model deployment and monitoring.

Fundraising Analytics

Automated predictive analytics for direct mail fundraisers.

Text Mining

We are experts at dealing with the intracacies of unstructured text and integrating them into predictive modeling solutions.